I. Scope of this Policy

Upon using this website the user is bound to be under the scope of this policy, this policy will be stating concerning all the process of user personal information. This policy will the limitation regarding how HRINC will collect the information, the usage of the information, information eradiate, and the discloser of the information to the User. This policy will be published and the user will be deemed as fully read and understand and agreed to the term and condition of this policy.

II. Information Collection

    a) Through Account Registration and Personally    

    The regular visitor and membership shall be informed that by using HRINC website, we will collect some information from you,      however, such information is enough to conduct the business operation only which is included but not limited to:

  • Membership: (1) Basic personal information such as name, address, phone number, email address, current position or current working company, (2) resume, (3) information you provide to HRINC for seeking a job opportunity, or when you purchase any service from HRINC website. This information shall be collected based on your consent.

  • Regular Visitor: (1) Your searching activity within the website, (2) Type of your browser or device ID or the operating system, (3) information you provide to HRINC when you purchase any service from the HRINC website. Except for bullet 3 here, the data shall collect automatically every time you use the HRINC website.

III. Information Usage and Eradicate

    a) How HRINC usage the information?

    Whereas information is a crucial part to operate this business, thus HRINC shall guarantee that the company shall use all of the      information provided by you to HRINC inappropriate way possible and for the business purpose only, namely;

  • To seeking an ideal target concerning the candidate personality, skill, expecting benefit and working location;

  • To create an ideal job-seeking environment between employee and employer,

  • To analyze, improve your user experience,

  • For a daily update regarding new job opportunity;

  • For quick information administration through easy access to your information that store in HRINC server;

  • Easy to fill the information form to complete the recruitment process;

  • For Security purpose such as;

  • To prevent fraud and abuse of HRINC system,

  • Easy to investigate, in case any crime or violation of this policy occurs.

    b) Information Eradicate

    All the information provided to HRINC guarantees to keep as confidential and shall be eradicated, upon the request of information owner or termination or separation of the business operation. HRINC ensures that all the information will eradicate so that it cannot be recreated again. HRINC, however, shall reserve the right to make a copy of any information that deems necessary for business operation.

IV. Share Information

Due to this business nature require broadcast your information, therefore the information we received from you may be shared with the third parties as follow circumstances:

  • Any Employee or Employer who searching for potential candidate

  • Any authorized person or institution provided by Law or Court

  • Upon your request in written form

  • To any agent affiliates or associate with HRINC who have permitted by HRINC to process such information.

If there any reason other listed above, HRINC will make sure to receive your consent before sharing the information.

HRINC will not share any of your information with third parties for the marketing purpose unless you affirmatively consent,

V. Cookies

This is the feature that HRINC and her partners use to analyze, tracking your search activity within the website, and administer the website. Cookies will help to customize the website feature to your preference to maximize your searching experience. The user may disable the cookies feature if you desire,  

VI. Access to Your Personal Information

HRINC understands that career is an unpredictable process that could be changed from time to time. Therefore, HRINC always retains all the information provided by the Client for convenient and more efficient access later on. In doing this, we able to control and categorize all of the information for efficient use in other to promote our service and update the better job opportunity to an ideal candidate that we have in hand.

All HRINC membership can access the information, update or delete the information or profile at any time. If you don’t have an account you may request HRINC directly concerning your intention. You also have an option to delete your account profile upon the request. If such an account remains unused for a reasonable time and unable to contact the account owner, thus HRINC shall reserve the right to erase the account, and HRINC shall no liability for any damage from losing job opportunity or whatever reason. HRINC will guarantee the convenient access and provide you a copy of the information for a free charge upon the request, however, any further copies may be subject to a reasonable fee. Unless otherwise requested by you the information will automatically provide in electronic form (Example: email).1

VII. Security System

Your security purpose all HRINC membership must keep your username and password a secret and avoid sharing with anyone. HRINC will use our best safeguard system to secure all your personal information that you provided to us, therefore it is your obligation to follow your security system.

Whenever you purchase the service on the HRINC website, your credit card information will be encrypted with the bank standard encryption. 

VIII. Modification

This policy may change from time to time to comply with the law and the actual situation. HRINC will be providing the prior notification through your email address regarding the modification, therefore the user shall deem as already read and understand.